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No more holding back.

Intensive graphics are now prevalent in even simple productivity applications found within Windows 10, Office 2016, browsers, streaming video and more. As a result, desktop virtualisation has failed to deliver a user experience that’s equivalent to physical PC’s and workstations.

NVIDIA GRID, and the ‘graphics-accelerated data centre’, harnesses NVIDIA GPU technology to power every workstation, every desktop and every app – finally supporting the deployment of a fully-virtualised end user computing environment.

“The ability of this technology to enable advanced, graphics-rich applications in a vSphere virtualised environment and positively impact GPU user density is potentially game-changing.”
— Pete Whitcomb, Head of IT
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GPU Power, anywhere.

These days, graphics are no longer confined to highly-graphical programmes – standard office applications now have demanding graphics needs. As a result the virtualisation model has forced many users to choose between performance and mobility.

NVIDIA GRID delivers GPU performance to your entire virtual infrastructure, enabling your most graphics-demanding users to work from anywhere, allowing your entire workforce to experience true business agility


Time to get things done.

While virtualisation gives most users network access anywhere, on any device, some applications still demand the processing power of a workstation. As a result, IT Managers spend valuable time meeting individual software, hardware and storage demands.

NVIDIA GRID changes all that: centralising even the most graphics-intensive programs will dramatically simplify maintenance and management, giving you the freedom to focus your efforts on whatever YOU deem to be most important.


Protect critical assets.

Amidst a growing cybersecurity threat, you need to ensure your most valued assets are protected from theft or loss… without constraining productivity

NVIDIA GRID improves overall security whilst ensuring designs, data and intellectual property are stored centrally, protecting your data from breaches or damage, whilst still supporting real-time collaboration and team work.


A network capable of anything.

As applications and interfaces grow in sophistication, NVIDIA GRID ensures your network is ready to handle whatever you and your business throw at it.


A business looking to the future.

NVIDIA GRID gives your business the flexibility and freedom to embrace innovation, without being constrained by technical limitations.


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